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Kleist City Frankfurt (Oder)

Konzerthalle „Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach“
Konzerthalle „Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach“ © Winfried Mausolf
Kleist Forum
Kleist Forum © Messe und Veranstaltungs GmbH FFO

The City of Frankfurt (Oder) is uniquely associated with the name and creative works of Heinrich von Kleist. Heinrich von Kleist was born in Frankfurt (Oder) on 18.10.1777 – according to the entry in the garrison church register; he himself always gave his date of birth as 10th October. He spent his childhood and part of his youth here, his alma mater for several semesters was the Viadrina in Frankfurt – and his house of birth stood here until 1945. The church where he was baptised is still standing today, used as a concert hall. Every year, the city realises the extremely successful Kleist Festival in his honour, at which it also presents the Kleist Promotional Award for Young Dramatists. The Kleist Memorial and Research Site, Frankfurt (Oder) provides an attractive museum for Frankfurt’s citizens and all the city’s visitors. As the only Kleist Museum in Germany, it commands wide national influence. After completion, the museum extension planned for 2011/2012 will also house the office of the Heinrich von Kleist Society.


A second institution associated with Kleist’s name was created with the construction of the modern Kleist Forum, which is an important cultural and events centre. The three venues – Kleist Forum, concert hall “Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach” and the trade-fair centre – are combined under the umbrella of the Messe und Veranstaltungs GmbH, making this the biggest cultural provider in the region. The concert hall “Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach”, the former 13th century Franciscan monastery church where Heinrich von Kleist was baptised, is a fascinating concert venue with an impressive atmosphere. It is the home of the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt, which is the musical linchpin of the city on the Oder with its concerts in Frankfurt and collaboration with other ensembles. The Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt does credit to its profile as a musical ambassador of the state, not only outside Germany but also on many occasions within the Federal Republic.


The City of Frankfurt (Oder) has developed a profile at home and abroad with its outstanding cultural spectrum as a city associated with Kleist. In 1998, it was awarded the additional name “Kleist City”.


Stadt Frankfurt (Oder)
Appointee by the Mayor
for the Kleist-Year 2011
Jacqueline Köster
Lindenstraße 7
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Tel. +49 - 335 - 284 97 59
E-Mail: kleist-jahr2011@t-online.de


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