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Secondary level II

Offer 1: Kleist for Abitur (final school examinations) – all-day programme and special seminars

11 am: Meet in the museum (about 15 minutes on foot from the station). We can begin earlier if you want to!

11 - 12 am: Guided tour of the permanent exhibition in the Kleist Museum
Biographical aspects and questions: how did Kleist write his texts?
What inspired him? Using examples, we can also give an impression of how young Frankfurters of the same age study Kleist and his texts; their approach to his life and work.

12 noon - 1 pm: Lunch break. The University "Viadrina" with its excellent cafeteria is very close to the museum! We would be happy to reserve for you.

Offer 2: Pupils guide pupils

How about a special learning task instead of an examination paper? In the context of German lessons, we are happy to supervise pupils who wish to prepare and realise a tour through the permanent exhibition for their course group.