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Secondary level I

Offer 1: “The empty page”

An empty page – what now? Is my story written on it already? Can a whole class write a story? And how actually did Kleist write his texts? In this lesson in the museum, schoolchildren can let their imaginations run free, finding answers to these questions in the permanent exhibition! 

Duration: 2 lessons

Offer 2: “The young Kleist”

We go out on the trail of Heinrich von Kleist. What did Frankfurt (Oder) look like in Kleist’s day? Where did he live here in Frankfurt?

Pupils are invited to a walk around the city and a visit to the permanent exhibition. 

Duration: 1 lesson

Special: after our city walk and the guided tour of the exhibition, pupils create a wanted poster using a quill pen. 

Duration: 2 lessons

Offer 3: “In love, engaged, married ...”

Kleist and women. Discovering the women who were part of Kleist’s life and his female characters. A thematic tour of the permanent exhibition.

Duration: 2 lessons

Offer 4: “Michael Kohlhaas”

In his most famous prose work based on a 16th century chronicle from the Mark Brandenburg, Kleist tells the story of a horse-dealer searching for justice. Kohlhaas vainly attempts to get legal recompense for the injustice that has been done to him, but then he arms himself, takes the law into his own hands, and becomes a robber and murderer. Introduction to the text.

Duration: 2 lessons
Kohlhaas special: after two weeks and a reading of the text, we meet again for a special seminar in the museum.

Offer 5: Research Paper in Year 9

We supervise school pupils during the writing of research papers and offer them an opportunity to defend them in the museum.